Biotat's Lidocaine Free Solutions
Struggling with clients who can’t sit still? We have the solution for you! Try out the natural numbing, Biotat® products that only use natural ingredients — which means no lidocaine and other chemicals!
Four Mini Skintone Sets
It's finally here! The Sasha O’Kharin RGBY Set - a comprehensive collection of skin tone inks with four different undertones, allowing you to create an array of skin tones for incredible colour realism tattoos.
The Blackest Black On The Market!
One of the blackest inks in Europe is now available! Eclipse tattoo ink has a thin viscosity while still maintaining an incredibly deep black, making it perfect for lining, shading and filling large solid areas.
REDZ Transfer Paper
Our brand new transfer paper!
We are excited to finally introduce our very own, and most importantly affordable, transfer paper! Try it out and tell us how you like it!
Prime Wireless Pen Machine
Made in collaboration with Critical, The Prime Pen is designed with a precision Bishop motor. The machine is with the quality of Critical and Bishop, but at an attractive price. A reliable powerhouse ready to take over the market!
Eternal Ink APEX
Brand New REACH Approved Ink
Try Eternal's brand new, REACH approved, collection! The APEX inks perform, mix, tattoo, and heal exactly like Eternal Ink’s existing global tattoo pigments.
Kwadron Optima GOLD
New PMU Cartridges
Introducing Optima Gold: ultra-precise cartridges for perfectly soft and satin effects. Harnessing the innovative SoftPro system, the Gold cartridges secures the primary needle, ensuring stability and integrity.
Tina Davies' FADE
New Eyebrow Collection
Clients can now enjoy the convenience of tattooed eyebrows without a permanent commitment! FADE is a hybrid line of pigments, designed to visibly fade into a softer version of the original color.