Frequently asked questions

I have just finished placing an order and completed my payment. When will my parcel arrive?
We rely on the services of Bring for domestic shipments and TNT for international shipments.

Orders are always processed as quickly as possible. Orders are picked up by our couriers once a day at 15:00, Monday through Friday.
Orders accepted before 11:59 are guaranteed to be shipped the same day. Any later than that, and the pick up will be carried out the following work day.
Depending on the distance from Oslo, type of delivery chosen and other external factors, 94% of our standard orders reach our customers within 1 to 3 days of delivery.

Overnight express delivery is available only Monday through Thursday (weekend delivery is unavailable) and is applicable only for dry goods. Due to aviation regulations, wet goods may only be transported on land and sea, and will therefore be shipped separately. Exceptionally large and heavy items, such as furniture items, can only be shipped on land and sea.

Orders for self pick up are ready within up to 3 hours if placed until 14:00. Any later than that, and your order will be ready for pick up after 10:00 the following work day. 

The following shipping options are available through our webstore:

  1. Pick up at your nearest post delivery destination. (default) Typically reaches our customers within 2-3 work days.
    2. Pakke til bedrift: door-to-door home delivery. Typically reaches our customers within 1-2 work days.
    3. Stykkgods til bedrift: automatically applied door-to-door delivery for excessively large and/or heavy shipments. (over 35kg)
    4. Ekspress neste dag: door-to-door overnight express delivery.
  2. Self pick up at Mokki store by customer. (free of charge)

Shipment Tracking is offered automatically through the chosen courier’s system.

What payment methods do you accept and can I postpone or split my payment?
All our online payment services are handled by Klarna. Upon checkout you will be able to choose your desired means of payment:

  1. By credit card.
  2. Pay up to 14 days after shipment. (by Klarna)
  3. Pay by a given date. (by Klarna)
  4. Split your payment monthly, up to 36 payments. (by Klarna)

Payment on delivery (postoppkrav) is available only for orders by phone or email.

International transactions can only be done by paypal or bank transfers. 

My payment does not go through! What should I do?
Online payments are serviced by Klarna. In case a payment does not go through, please give us a call during store opening hours and we will take your order manually.
Opening hours: Mon-Thu (Fri), 09-17 (16)
Phone: 222 77 100

Must I order online? Can I place an order over the phone or via email?
Sure you can. Please give us a call during store opening hours and we will take your order.
Opening hours: Mon-Thu (Fri), 09-17 (16)
Phone: 222 77 100

You can also send us an email with your order to: Post@TattooShop.No
Please do not forget to mention your full name, phone number, email address and mailing address.

What are your delivery charges?
Delivery charges vary and are dependent on the shipment type and destination. You will see the shipping fees upon checkout before your payment is completed. Simply choose your desired alternative.

Can I change my delivery address after payment?
Before the order has left our premises, we can change your delivery address. Please inform us as quickly as possible.
Give us a call: 222 77 100, Mon-Thu (Fri), 09-17 (16).
Additional surcharges may apply according to shipment methods and/or destination.

Do you ship only to Norway or all over Europe?
We ship all over Europe! Our home market is Norway and we are a strong player in the entire Scandinavian market. However, we gladly serve all our customers throughout Europe.
Please note that orders outside Scandinavia can only be paid via paypal or bank transfers.  

If you face any difficulties ordering, you can always send us an email with a list of products you need and we will get it sent by TNT Express shipping.

Is VAT charged?
All prices on our webstore are shown excluding VAT (Merverdiavgift – mva.). Upon checkout, VAT is automatically added to the final payment.
According to the Norwegian Taxation Law, Tattoo Artists are eligible for VAT tax write off as part of their business expenses.
For our international customers, Norwegian VAT is not added to the final payment – your local VAT will be applied in your country of residence.

Are all your products in stock?
Out of stock products are listed as such on the webshop page. In the unfortunate case of non-updated product availability, we typically call our customer to inform
about other available products and/or automatically refund the missing item’s cost upon order shipment. The refunded amount typically appears back in your account within 5 work days.

What is your return and exchange policy?  
Unused items in their original, sealed and unharmed package, may be returned or exchanged within 14 days from the day of purchase, accompanied with a receipt.
To and from shipping costs are the customer’s responsibility and are non-refundable.

In case you want to test, try or physically examine our offered products prior to purchase, kindly visit us at our Oslo store. Our showroom has a wide variety of machines, power
supplies and other items ready for display.

Can I cancel or change my order after payment?
If you wish to cancel or change your order, please do so as soon as possible. Until your order has been physically picked up from our premises at 15:00 daily, we can cancel or change your order with no additional surcharge. Please call us:  222 77 100, Mon-Thu (Fri), 09-17 (16).
Please note: until we clearly confirm that your order has been cancelled or changed, your original order status is still valid.
Once a shipment has left our premises, ordinary return and exchange policies apply.

Is your webstore secure?
Our webstore is secured with SSL certificate and the payment process is operated by Klarna. This means the information and payment details you put in are fully encrypted and are not available for third parties, nor are they stored anywhere in our system.

How can I contact your customer service?
Simply give us a call: 222 77 100 or live-chat with us through our webshop page. We are available Mon-Thu (Fri), 09-17 (16).
You can also send us an email to: Post@TattooShop.No

Do you also have a physical store? 
Yes, we do! We always have some unique local offers at our physical store, so do not hesitate to drop by.
You are always welcome to pay us a visit.

Our address is Tvetenveien 158 (Ground Floor), Oslo.
Opening hours: Mon-Thu (Fri), 09-17 (16)
Phone: 222 77 100

Can I pick up my order by myself?
Of course you can! When you place an order, simply choose “Self Pick Up at Mokki Store” upon checkout.
Your order will be ready for pick up within 3 hours if placed until 14:00. Any later than that and your order will be ready for pick up after 10:00 the following day.

Our address is Tvetenveien 158 (Ground Floor), Oslo.
Opening hours: Mon-Thu (Fri), 09-17 (16)
Phone: 222 77 100

Self-pick up is free of charge!

How can I visit you using public transport?
By Bus: Nearest stop is Tveita bedriftsområde, about 75 meters from our doorstep.
By T-Bane: Nearest stop is Tveita on Linje 2. About 450 meters from our doorstep.
Our building is at Tvetenveien 158. It is the second building from the south-east. (i.e. the second nearest building to Tveita Senter)
Main entrance to the building is via the northeast facade. We are on the ground floor.

Is there free parking at your store?
We offer free parking for our customers outside our premises.

Is your shop handicap accessible?
Yes. Contact us by phone when you are outside to operate the auxiliary lift.

Is there free wifi at your store?
We can offer our customers necessary Internet access upon demand.