Kwadron Cartridges

Kwadron Cartridges – For professional artists

The Kwadron Cartridges have become a favorite within the tattooist community, constantly praised for their precision, smoothness, and reliability. Their countless needle configurations and the precise design make these cartridges fit any tattoo style. They are also compatible with all machines that are compatible with Cheyenne Cartridges.

Kwadron’s unique needle stabilization system, optimal durability and performance is ensured. The casings are crafted with medical-grade plastic to minimize friction and ensure sharpness that lasts.

Each cartridge consists of pre-assembled needles and housing to offer convenience and efficiency. These disposable cartridges are designed specifically to provide precision and efficiency. Compatibility is never an issue because Kwadron Cartridges fit any cartridge machine.

Experience the precision, reliability, and performance of Kwadron’s design.

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