Autoclave Prestige 210001XP Classic 126º 9L

 NOK 11.360,00 Excl. mva

Autoclave Prestige 210001XP Classic 126º 9L


The Prestige Medical 2100 is one of the world’s largest-selling and cost-effective automatic autoclaves. Sold in 80 countries worldwide, it has gained an enviable reputation for reliability, durability, and quality. Comes with all standard accessories and literature which includes internal basket with lid. This is a professional grade autoclave and is perfect for all General Medical, Dental, Chiropody, Tattooing, Body Piercing, Nail Salon and Veterinary applications.

Light, compact, portable and robust, top loading autoclave

Simple one step operation starts the automatic cycle

Interlock system prevents the lid from being removed while pressure remains in the vessel

Electronic detectors turn off the power if there is insufficient water

Thermal fuse to protect against overheating and electrical faults


: 34x34cm
Internal Size
: 21x23cm
: 4,5kg
Operating pressure
: 1.4 bar
: 126º
Sterilisation time
: 11 minutes
Total cycle time
: 22 minutes