Ballistol Oils

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Ballistol Oils

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Ballistol Universal Oil and Spray for more than 1000 purposes

Ballistol Universal Oil for more than 100 Years for more than 1000 possible applications.
Ballistol Spray cares, lubricates, disinfects, does not resinify, protects from rust, creeps into finest fissures, is food safe, environmentally, and skin-friendly.
Ballistol Universal Oil is available as spray or fluid.

Ballistol Oil is one of the rarely alkaline oil. As an alkaline Oil Ballistol is high effective, universal, environment-friendly and acts disinfectant. Furthermore Ballistol is a proven penetrating oil and an agent for rust protection. Ballistol does not resinify even in decades and it is durable practical unlimited. Besides Ballistol is complete biodegradable, food safe and skin-friendly. Ballistol is well suited for more than 1000 purposes in household, workshop, garden, car, bike, wood care, leather care, industry, for anglers, hunters, sport shooters etc.

: 50-200ml