Cheyenne Cartridges Open Liner

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Cheyenne Cartridges Open Liner 20Pcs


Cheyenne Cartridges Open Liner

Cheyenne’s Safety Cartridge range now includes a new group of needle configurations known as Open Liners. The purpose of this configuration is to create lines that hold.

Unlike the regular liners, Open Liners have needles that run parallel right up to the tip, similar to a shader-configuration, but with shorter soldering lengths. This design enhances precision and control, and the result is even greater line accuracy.

Cheyenne tested 172 different configurations best suited for American Traditional, Neo-traditional, and Japanese Traditional styles to develop the new configuration. Artists like Steve Moore, Teresa Sharpe, and Justin Hartman actively participated in testing and helping to identify the best possible configurations. The outcome is the 5 Open Liners available in sizes ranging from S to XXL.

For styles requiring rich and precise lines from crisp to bold, trying the new Cheyenne Cartridges Open Liner is a must.

Refer to the table for exact designations and explore the possibilities with Cheyenne’s innovative Open Liners.

Exact Designations:

  • S – 5 Open Liner 0.30 – 0.5 mm
  • M – 7 Open Liner 0.35 – 0.7 mm
  • L – 9 Open Liner 0.40 – 1.1 mm
  • XL – 15 Open Liner 0.40 – 1.4 mm
  • XXL – 21 Open Liner 0.40 – 1.7 mm

Box Contain
: 20 Pcs