Cheyenne Cartridges Soft Edge Magnum – 20pcs

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Cheyenne Cartridges 20pcs

Changing tattoo needles has never been easier, faster, safer and more hygienic. The needles run protected in a plastic housing, virtually eliminating accidental damage or injury.

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The Cheyenne cartridge system has revolutionized the tattoo-market.
No more tedious assembly – with Cheyenne Cartridges Soft Edge Magnum, you’ll save valuable time.
Thanks to the patented safety membrane, the grip is shielded from blood and tattoo ink, ensuring hygienic practices.
Adhering to medical standards (ISO 13485), the cartridges undergo expert inspection, guaranteeing top-notch quality.
Choose from a vast selection of fourteen Cheyenne Cartridges Soft Edge Magnum, unleashing your artistic freedom to the fullest.
The Safety Cartridges set new standards for safety, simplicity, and hygiene.

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Please note that the cartridges are intended for single-use only to keep a hygienic and sterile workspace.

Made in Germany

: Soft Edge Magnum
Box Content
: 20Pcs