Cheyenne PU II

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Our POWER UNIT I & II are the simple solution for every tattoo artist.

The operation of the tattoo power supplies is deliberately minimalistic and intuitive, so you can concentrate on your art.

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with the POWER UNIT II two machines can be connected simultaneously and operated alternately.

The tattoo power supply is equipped with country-specific plugs, so that even on convention tours abroad: Simply connect and get started!


Intuitive operation

Up to two machines can be connected simultaneously

Robust, easy to clean and functional

With country-specific plugs

Easy to clean, insensitive to many cleaning agents

Manufactured according to medical standard (ISO 13485)

Made in Germany

Input Voltage
: 15 V DC
Output Voltage
: 5 - 12,5 V DC
Power Input
: 15 VA
Stitch Frequency
: 60-160 Hz
Operating Mode
: Continuous operation
Ambient Temperature
: -40 bis +40 °C
Relative Humidity
: 30 bis 75 %
Dimensions ( WxHxD)
: 110 x 165 x 55 mm
: ca. 260 g