Craft Clear Cartridges Soft Edge Magnums 20pcs

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Craft Clear Cartridges Soft Edge Magnums 20pcs

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We have given our well-known Craft Cartridges a facelift. We find that the white color is no longer up to date and unnecessarily blocks the tattooist’s
view of the color. Therefore, the housings of the Craft Cartridges are now colorless, transparent.
On this occasion, we have slightly adapted the shape of our “Clear Crafts”. Grooves and a slightly sleeker shape support the
handling when changing the cartridges and of course during tattooing.

Otherwise, everything remains the same:
Changing needle configurations in seconds. Safe and hygienic working thanks
to one-piece plastic housing and patented safety membrane. 100% control by
experienced experts for best quality.
19 different needle configurations for the implementation of most tattoo

Revised design for perfect handling and color control
Patented safety membrane prevents blood from entering
the grip and causing cross-contamination

Changing tattoo needles in seconds
19 different needle configurations
The tightness of the safety membrane in our cartridges
complies with the requirements of the European standard
EN 17169 Tattooing – Safe and hygienic practice

: Soft Edge Magnums
Box Contain
: 20 Pcs