Critical Torque Wireless Machine – 4.2mm Stroke

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Critical Torque Wireless Machine 4.2mm


Critical Torque Wireless Machine 4.2mm Stroke

The Critical Torque Wireless Machine Set is finally here! The V3 battery included is the longest running battery on the marked, making this machine unrivaled. With a 4.2mm stroke this machine has a harder hit perfect for bold lining and pushing larger needle groupings into the skin.

This machine utilizes the industry’s first Precision Strike Technology, allowing for a smoother, faster, and more efficient tattooing experience. With the Vibration Dampening Solution, unwanted vibration and movement is kept to a minimum while tattooing. The German brushless motor design increases rigidity and provides more rotation and power.

The feature-rich V3 batteries included are equipped a 1.5” color LED display and 5 buttons, making sure you have everything you need easily accessible. Standard features like voltage display, battery indicator and timer is included, and you can even add an hourly rate to the timer setting.

Just choose to charge by the machine’s run-time or the entire session, and the V3 will do the rest! The timer function can even run while hidden. For optimal comfort, you can easily switch between two preset voltage options, giving you the perfect voltage levels for lining, color packing and shading with just a button press.


  • Single Pass Power
  • Powerful Custom German Brushless Motor
  • Firmer and More Consistent Needle Hit
  • Innovative Stabilizing System
  • Precision Strike Technology
  • Vibration Dampening Solution
  • Longest Running Battery in the Market
  • Advanced LED Interface on battery
  • 4.2 mm Stroke
  • Tracks Time and Hourly Rate
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Compatible with any jackplug footswitch


  • Critical Torque Pen Machine
  • Critical Connect V3 Battery Pack
  • 34mm Grip
  • 2 ft USB-C Charging Cord
  • QR Code Card to Critical Torque Resources

Weight (Incl. battery)
: 136 Grams
34mm Grip Weight
: 40 Grams