Electrum ECO Stencil Printer Ink – 120m

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Electrum ECO Stencil Printer Ink – 120m

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Electrum ECO STENCIL Stencil Printer Ink – 4oz.

Oops, we did it again! We’ve gone and made printed stencils even better by creating ink with an advanced formulation and a much better price point!

Why spend your entire day tracing stencils by hand when you could be doing the real work of putting ink on someone’s skin? Now, you can print highly precise stencils directly from a desktop printer using your photo reference without hand stenciling your design. Just print, transfer, and tattoo with a stencil that will last up to an hour without fading or smearing!

NOTE — This product is for ONE 4 ounce bottle of Electrum ECO STENCIL ink. You will need TWO bottles to completely fill all four reservoirs on an Eco Tank printer. However, with only one bottle, you can print upward of 3,000 stencils, depending on stencil sizes and complexities.

How Does It Work?

Using our ECO STENCIL Printer Ink is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1. Buy the ink from us or one of our authorized distributors.
2. Buy a NEW Eco Tank Printer. We now HIGHLY recommend the EPSON Sure Color F170 sublimation printer.  Other tested printers include EPSON ET-M1170, EPSON ET-2550 or EPSON ET-2750.
3. Fill the tanks and start printing highly detailed stencils!

This methyl violet-based tattoo stencil ink functions exclusively with Epson Eco Tank Printers. The ready-made stencils it produces will last for an hour or even longer if used with other Electrum products, such as our Premium Tattoo Skin Prep and Stencil Repositioner or the Premium Tattoo Stencil Primer.

PLEASE NOTE — Mokki Tattoo Supply will not be liable if the ink does not work on your inkjet printer for any reason. All sales are final. There are no returns on this Stencil Printer Ink. Using third-party inks in your printer may void any warranty from the manufacturer.

Maintenance and Care

It is important to note that printers that sit idle for extended periods of time will have more potential issues with clogged ink heads. This is due to the ink drying in and around the nozzles, which results in compromised print quality. It is crucial to keep the heads of the printer cleaned.

Avoid clogged ink nozzles

The clogging of inkjet printer nozzles, regardless of age, is a frequent issue. Clogging occurs as the ink dries and the nozzles get blocked. As a result, printing often is the best way to keep the nozzles wet.
It’s better to print a test page once a week than to leave your printer unattended for weeks or months. As a result, your printer’s ink stays cleaner longer. In addition, this easy step can help keep your printer’s ink nozzles clear for future prints.


Bottle Size
: 120ml