Eternal Ink – Nebula

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Eternal Ink – Nebula – 50%
Expired product – For practice only!
30ml / 1oz


Expired product – For practice only!

Huge range of the most most essential colours to any artist, brought to you by the most colorful tattoo inks on the market, Eternal.
Developed by the infamous Terry Welker, these inks have now become one of the most popular tattoo inks in the world.

All our inks are sterilized to the highest quality so that they are ready to rock straight from the bottle.

Key Features:

Made of natural pigments, deionized water and hamamelis water.
Vegan: Free of animal by-products and cruelty free
Supplied in a medical grade sealed bottle, ensuring its longevity before and after opening.
Ink pigments are regularly evaluated and tested.
Eternal Ink cooperates with all regulations.
Made in the U.S.A.

Bottle Size
: 30ml / 1oz