Glovcon Pill-Pen PMU Machine

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Glovcon Pill-Pen PMU Machine

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We present the GLOVCON Pen Pill permanent makeup machine. The construction and all solutions used in the machine have been carefully thought out, which resulted in the creation of a machine with a very thin grip and low weight.

GLOVCON Pen Pill, despite its small size and thin grip, has been adapted to work with the KWADRON PMU Optima permanent make-up cartridges, and thus also works with the standard KWADRON, INOX PRIME, Cheyenne cartridges, etc.

The compact housing with a length of 11cm and a grip with a diameter of only 17mm has a very durable 4.5W motor tuned especially for all types of treatments. Another great advantage of Pen Pill is its weight of 120g. The mass was evenly distributed so that working with the machine is not tiring during pigmentation.


power: 4.5W
grip diameter: 17mm
length: 11cm
weight: 120g
stroke: 3mm (perfect for permanent makeup and micropigmentation)
adjustable needle extension 0-5mm
RCA socket (possibility to use standard cables for Jack – RCA)
compatible with the GLOVCON XPS Purple power supply but also with any other standard power supply
super light construction
12-month warranty

Cartridge sold separately.