Hawk 10th Anniversary Edition

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The HAWK was Cheyenne’s first tattoo machine: After arriving on the market in 2007, it immediately won over many fans all over the world. Today, it still ranks among the most sophisticated and tried-and-tested tattoo devices available. To mark its tenth anniversary, we have designed a limited edition of this classic tool in two new colors – as always, totally unique.

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The ten-year anniversary edition of the Cheyenne HAWK machine is a tribute to our first machine – the HAWK – in a limited-edition revival version. To mark its tenth anniversary, the new edition of this renowned classic is available in matte black and matte anthracite.

Cheyenne released the HAWK in 2007 and instantly won over tattoo artists with its versatility and precision. Ten years later, the machine is still considered one of the most sophisticated and reliable tattoo tools on the market.

The Cheyenne HAWK was developed to fulfill the wishes of the best tattoo artists in the world. The machine is cleverly designed, lightweight, flexible, and at the same time operates with astonishingly low vibration. It offers a wide variety of compatible needles – and thanks to Cheyenne’s patented cartridge system, you can quickly and easily change cartridges in a single hand movement. Like all other Cheyenne machines, the HAWK is easy to cover, allowing you to work 100% safely and hygienically.

The Cheyenne HAWK: A timeless classic “Manufactured in Berlin” – for even more precise lines and softer shading. Let your creativity soar!

Operating Voltage
: 6-12,5 V DC
Power Input
: 2,5 W
Stitch Frequency
: 60-160 Hz
: 2,5 mm
: 3,5 mm jack connection
: Precision DC motor
Operating Mode
: Continious operation
Dimensions (L * W * D)
: 110 x 57 x 28 mm
: Approx. 130 g