Intenze Ink – Aqua

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Intenze Ink – Aqua

30ml / 1oz

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This dark turquoise tattoo ink with its deep tone constitutes a perfect and exciting pair with the light items of this color line. To create the background, this tattoo ink color pushes it in the distance and brings the main part to the limelight.

Most of the great innovations in the world are developed by people that know their craft better than anyone else, and create something that makes their own work better, faster, and more efficient. We have taken this approach by developing our inks along side the people that know best – tattoo artists themselves. In their booths, in their chairs, and under their own skin.

We believe that by finding the best artists in the world, gaining their insight, and listening to their expertise, we can create a better ink for tattoo artists of any style, background, or technique. We also believe that there is not one solution that works for every artist. By encouraging artists to try many different approaches and following in the footsteps of people that have mastered their particular style or technique, they will find what works best for them.

By developing color palettes alongside the industry’s top artists such as Bob Tyrrell, Boris, and Mike Demasi, we’re putting the artist back in control of their own tattooing. Today, tattoo artists are able to create breath-taking imagery unlike ever before, and the bar is being raised every day. By developing a more advanced ink, we are opening the door for this work to become even stronger. We strive to give artists what they need and want in order to support their artistic abilities – real artists‘ solutions to real artists’ challenges.

More than just our inks, we aim to promote and support the tattoo culture by telling the stories of tattoo icons like Bowery Stan Moskowitz, Mark Mahoney and Bill Salmon. By capturing these heroes’ stories for a new generation of artists, we hope to inspire tattoo artists everywhere to repeat, if not surpass, the greatness of their predecessors.

Through this spirit of innovation and inspiration, INTENZE Products has become the world‘s leading tattoo pigment company. Just as the artists of the world work every day to improve their tattoos, we will work endlessly to keep up with their incredible progress and push forward the tattoo industry’s advancements. It is with this ink that we will continue to change the face of tattooing forever.

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: 30ml / 1oz