Kuro Sumi Imperial – Atlantic 44ml

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Kuro Sumi Imperial Tattoo Ink -Atlantic 44ml

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Kuro Sumi Imperial – Atlantic 44ml

Kuro Sumi is known for their pigmented inks and is often used in more traditional styles.
Their ink is on the thicker side, with a medium-high viscosity and a high pigment load.
It’s the go-to brand for those seeking a rich color palette and enduring vibrancy.

Kuro Sumi’s Imperial range is fully compliant with the latest EU REACH regulations.
The formula, originating from Japan, draws inspiration from traditional Japanese art and ingredients.
While constantly improving the formula to fit industry standards, the tradition is evident in the use of organic, vegan ingredients.
The manufacturing process employs only high-quality materials to ensure the best product quality.

Made in the USA

Bottle Size
: 44ml / 1.5oz
: Yes