Kwadron Cartridges – Liners

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Kwadron Cartridges – Liners



The Kwadron Cartridge Liners have become a favorite within the tattooist community for their precision and reliability. Each cartridge casing is crafted with medical-grade plastic to minimize friction and help the needles stay sharper for longer. Kwadron’s unique needle stabilization system ensures optimal durability and smooth operation.

We offer 17 sizes, divided by name into three groups  as they have slightly different abilitites.
These groups are:

  • RLLT: Round Liners
  • RLLT-T: Round Liner – Textured
  • TRLLT: Turbo Liner

The Textured Liner has needles with microindentations to hold ink better.
This will help put more ink under the skin in a shorter time.

The Turbo Liner is not as tightly soldered and the middle needle is slightly backwards.
Allows ink to be stored in the cartridge for longer, and you can spend less time dipping the needle in ink.

Compatibility is never an issue, as Kwadron Cartridges fit all our cartridge machines.

: Round Liner
Box Contains
: 20 Pcs