Kwadron Cartridges – Round Shader

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The Kwadron Cartridges Round Shader is for creating smooth shading effects and even gradients. A popular choice among professional tattoo artists.



Kwadron Cartridges – Round Shader

The Round Shader configuration allows for efficient ink saturation and smooth application, resulting in even and consistent shading. They come in 16 sizes and with three different needle thicknesses. Thinner needles give softer shading, while thicker ones give stronger shading with more pronounced texture.

The Round Shaders are coded as RSLT (Round Shader Long Taper) and RSMT (Round Shader Medium Taper). A medium taper gives bolder lines, allowing more skin contact by the needle for more pigment, and longer taper for thinner lines with less potential for trauma.

The Kwadron Cartridges have become a favorite in the tattoo industry for their precision and reliability. Each cartridge casing is crafted with medical-grade plastic to minimize friction and help the needles stay sharper for longer. Kwadron’s unique needle stabilization system ensures optimal durability and smooth operation.

Additional Info:

  • 0.25,0.30,0.35mm needle thickness
  • 20Pcs/Box
  • Compatible with all our cartridge machines

Box Content
: 20 Pcs
: Round Shader