Kwadron Cartridges – Soft Edge Magnum 20Pcs

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Kwadron Cartridges – Soft Edge Magnum


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The Kwadron Cartridges – Soft Edge Magnum is a line of high-quality tattoo needle cartridges designed for precision and reliability.

A unique needle stabilization system guarantees durability and optimal performance, while the medical-grade casing minimizes friction, ensuring long-lasting sharpness.

The Soft Edge Magnum is made to ensure efficient saturation, seamless gradients and soft shading transitions, and is especially suitable for realistic tattoo artwork. The gentle curved configuration of the Kwadron Cartridges -Soft Edge Magnum allows for easy tracing of the body’s natural curvature.

With 14 different sizes available, artists can easily find the perfect fit for their needs. Compatibility is never an issue, as Kwadron Cartridges fit any cartridge machine.

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Please note that the Cartridges are intended only for single-use only to keep a hygienic and sterile workspace.

Box Content
: 20 Pcs
Needle Type
: Soft Edge Magnum