LUXE Microblading – Spill The Tea

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The LUXE Microblading shade Spill The Tea is essential for creating full eyebrows that resemble the hair’s natural growth.


LUXE Microblading – Spill The Tea

Secure those natural, feathery results with the new microblading shade Spill The Tea from Perma Blend. The high-viscosity Microblading Pro shades are your entourage of essentials for creating full, signature eyebrows for your client that closely resemble the hair’s natural growth.

The inks in this set are formulated with the right consistency to achieve that refined needle application custom to microblading, you can now treat up to four times the clients! Formulated by top researchers and chemists, experience microblading with heightened precision. The Luxe line meets all new EU requirements per regulations established by REACH.

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Made in USA

: 10ml