Microblading Needles – 19 RS Blades / 50 pcs

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Microblading Needles – 19 RS Blades – Ø 0.20mm / 50 pcs

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Microblading Needles – 19 RS Blades / 50 pcs

REDZ Microblading Needles were designed and developed with the feedback of leading professional PMU artists, to provide you with the most trustworthy and reliable product.

REDZ Microblading Needles comply with the rigorous Norwegian hygiene and safety standards –
each needle is individually sealed and sterilized by gamma rays, and manufactured of surgical grade 316L Japanese stainless steel.

Our microblade needles are compatible with any manual microblading pen and/or grip, and offer excellent stability for consistently accurate and precise results, for a longer period of time.

Our needle gauges and angles ideally vary according to needle type to offer you best results and make sure you will never get blurry strokes or double lines

Box Content
: Box Content : 50 Pcs
Needles Type
: 19 RS Blades
Needles Dimension
: Ø 0.20mm