Perma Blend Luxe – Carla Ricciardone Embody Set 8 x 15ml

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The Embody Set is designed to work perfectly on the lip membrane and to neutralize light and dark colors. REACH approved.



Perma Blend Luxe – Carla Ricciardone Embody Set

The Carla Ricciardone Embody Set is one of the first collections specifically formulated to work with the lip membrane.
These eight lip pigments have been specially developed to neutralize cool and dark lips, and contains all aspects for lip neutralization treatments to work on any skin tone.
A new way to work with both warm and light toned lips, or as a secondary step to a neutralized color.

Embody Includes:

  • Base 1
  • Base 2
  • Base 3
  • Base 4
  • Mod 1
  • Mod 2
  • Mod 3
  • Adjust
  • Extensive Color Map

This new color line meets all EU requirements per regulations established by REACH.
With micro particles guaranteeing durability and perfect color reflection, these inks ensure easy and less damaging penetration of the skin and lasting results with no need for corrections.

Made in USA

: 15ml