Perma Blend PMU Perma Pen – Supreme Silver

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Perma Blend PMU Perma Pen – Supreme Silver


Perma Blend PMU Perma Pen – Supreme Silver

Introducing Perma Blend’s first compact PMU machine designed to empower artists to possess full control of their work without sacrificing their quality.

Perma Pen:

Perma Blend is introducing its first-ever PMU machine, designed to empower the artist of every level and provide ultimate comfort and precision. With a 2.7mm stroke, this pen-style machine offers versatility for a variety of PMU procedures.

Beauty and engineering expertise created a high-quality machine designed to deliver consistent results in a compact, ergonomic design. Featuring a built-in “click” grip adjustment system and minimal vibration, the Perma Pen gives PMU artists confidence and control.​

Key Features​

  • Lightweight design​
  • 2.7mm Stroke Length ​
  • Grip: 23.5mm
  • Perma Pen Length: 93mm
  • “Click”-Grip Adjustment​
  • Improved Ergonomics​
  • Minimal Vibration​
  • RCA connectivity​ – Cable sold separately

​The 2.7mm stroke featured on the Perma Pen allows the artist to deliver in-depth pigment deposit with every pass. With its built-in click-grip adjustment system, the pen allows artists to tailor needle length and lock settings into place.​


​Weighing only 88g, this mini device helps provide comfort and reduce hand fatigue during any PMU procedure. With the eGive adjustment system, artists can control the “give” or resistance of the needle’s impact on the skin, allowing for smoother control.

: 88 gram
: 93mm