Practice Skin

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Practice Skin
3 Pcs / Bag

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This dummy skin is perfect for testing new needles, trying out tattoo machines or practicing for tattoo beginners. The synthetic skin offers a natural imitation of the real, human skin, is realistic and at the same time flexible, whereby an optimal feeling for the handling with new tattoo needles or tattoo machines is made possible.
The dummy skin can be attached to the body using Velcro straps to perfectly reflect the true curves and conditions of the human body.

Comes very close to real skin
For practicing, it can be attached to arms or legs for realistic tattooing
Helps to get routine in linework, shading and coloring
Gives confidence and confidence
Tattooable on both sides
Suitable for freehand drawings
Thickness: 3 mm
Dimensions: 15 cm x 15 cm
3 Pcs / Bag

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: 3 Pcs