Prophet Wireless Tattoo Pen

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Prophet Wireless Tattoo Pen

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    Ai-Tenitas PT1 Prophet is an award-winning, wireless tattoo pen machine, which is specially suited for the requirements of professional tattoo artists. It was designed and built to provide unmatched operation convenience and effectiveness, in comparison to other leading tattoo pen machines.

    The machine includes several signature features to set it apart from its contentions:
    1. Distinctive casing with built-in UV sterilization lighting, kills 99% of germs and bacteria.
    2. Unique intelligent “Customer Relationship Management” system, allows you to add specific customer information with pictures, preset voltage, preset working mode, set one-click operations, see billing statistics, and keep control of other practical functions.
    3. A 30-degree tilted OLED screen, with integrated button and rotating bezel, indicates the machine’s battery life and allows you to change voltage, modes and other vital information.

    Technical information:
    – Custom 6W German Faulhaber brushless rotary motor, for minimal noise and vibration
    – 4mm stroke direct drive; versatile stroke for both lining and color packing
    – Weighs at only 189g (6.66 oz.)
    – Fully supports Bluetooth connectivity
    – Long operation of up to 12 hours, using standard Panasonic NCR18500A battery; requires only two hours of charging time
    – USB-C port for maximal flexibility in charging the machine
    – Variable voltage, controlled by slide button, of 5V to 12V
    – Adjustable ambient light tone using the machine’s app
    – UV-light sterilization casing; kills 99% of germs and bacteria
    – Compatible with any standard cartridge needles

    Winner of the 2022 Red Dot Award and the Fi Innovation Award

    App available for iPhone Look up: Ai-Tenitas


    Prophet Wireless Tattoo Pen

    : Wireless
    : 4mm