RCA Ink Mixer

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RCA Ink Mixer

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The innovative RCA Ink Mixer requires no batteries at all – plug and play is the name of the game.Simply connect it to your RCA clip cord and the mixer starts running immediately. It is immediate to set on and off.

This compact hand-held tattoo ink mixer is perfect for mixing fresh ink straight out of the bottle, as well as reviving ink that started settling inside your ink cup while tattooing.
Your way of working is straight forward. Connect one of the mixing tips on, plug your RCA cable into the mixer body, and start mixing your pigments with speed and accuracy. The mixing tips may be used multiple times – simply wash them with warm water and soap after use.

Each package includes 5 units of 10 cm flathead mixing rods and additional 5 units of 4.5 cm pointy mixing tips.

Box Content
: 1 Drive + 10 Tips