REDZ Cartridges Magnums 20pcs

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REDZ Cartridges Magnums
Redz Cartridges are professional needle cartridges that make your work easier and faster.
Each box contains 20 Cartridges and sold exclusively by Mokki Tattoo Supply.

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Introducing the REDZ Cartridges Magnums – Designed for optimal efficiency and comfort.
These cartridges accommodate a variety of tattooing styles, provide even and efficient coverage for large areas, and excel in various shading effects.
A great choice for professionals and beginners alike.


  • 20 surgical-grade disposable cartridges
  • Needles individually sterilized by Ethylene Oxide Gas
  • 100% medical-grade bio plastic casing to insure safety and hygiene.
  • Individual sterilization indicator with a unique batch number for complete safety control in each case

Choose from a selection of six sizes to complete your setup.
Compatibility won’t be an issue, as REDZ Cartridges fit almost any cartridge machine, offering convenience and a seamless integration.

Interested in a machine compatible with your REDZ Cartridges?
Find the perfect one at our web shop:

Please note that the cartridges are intended for single-use only to keep a hygienic and sterile workspace.
This product is ISO Certified and meets the highest industry standards.

REDZ Cartridges Magnums sold exclusively at Mokki Tattoo Supply.

: Magnum
: 316L Stainless Steel