REDZ Cartridges – Soft Edge Magnums

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REDZ Cartridges Soft Edge Magnums
Redz Cartridges are professional needle cartridges that make your work easier and faster.
Each box contains 20 Cartridges and sold exclusively by Mokki Tattoo Supply.


REDZ Cartridges Soft Edge Magnums

The curved configuration of these soft edge cartridges makes it great for following the body’s natural curvature and covering large areas efficiently and evenly.

What makes these cartridges unique is the integrated tip grip. It extends the true grip length, which enables you to hold your machine more comfortably, and with more control. It is easy on the fingers and joints and minimizes vibrations of your machine even during longer tattoo sessions. The texture of the tip grip will stop your fingers from slipping.


  • 20 surgical-grade disposable cartridges
  • Individually sterilized by Ethylene Oxide Gas
  • 100% medical-grade bio plastic casing
  • Individual sterilization indicator with a unique batch number
  • ISO Certified

Compatibility won’t be an issue, as REDZ Cartridges fit all our cartridge machines, offering convenience and a seamless integration.

REDZ Cartridges sold exclusively at Mokki Tattoo Supply.

: Soft Edge Magnum
Box Content
: 20Pcs
: 0.30mm, 0.35mm
: 316L Stainless Steel