REDZ Spette Wireless Pen Machine 4.0mm

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Say goodbye to clumsy cords and restrictions with the REDZ Spette Wireless Pen Machine. Experience the varsatility and freedom of wireless technology.

  • 4.0mm Stroke
  • Includes 2 Rechargeable Batteries


REDZ Spette Wireless Pen Machine 4.0mm

Say goodbye to clumsy cords and limitations! With the REDZ Spette Wireless Pen Machine, you can tattoo with freedom and flexibility.

The machine comes with two rechargeable, panasonic batteries, allowing the machine to run for uninterrupted for a long time. Let one battery charge in the included battery charger while tattooing, making it impossible to run out of power. The 4.0mm stroke makes is a versatile machine ideal for lining, color packing and shading.

The REDZ Spette is engineered to deliver precise and consistent results and its advanced motor and adjustable settings allow for seamless customization. It’s a steady machine with little movement and noise. To ensure the artist’s comfort, the machine boasts an ergonomic grip that minimizes hand fatigue during long tattooing sessions.

Engineered in Oslo by a team of industry-leading professionals, this machine by Redz sets a new standard for tattooing excellence.

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: 4.0mm
: Yes
: Yes
: X 2