Redz V2 Disposable Grip – Diamond – 50%

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Redz V2 Disposable Grip – Diamond

Grip Size 22mm / 1″
25pcs in a box

Product Expire – Only for practicing!


RedZ V.2 Disposable Grip / Tubes

These premium tubes are all-new, and have been custom-designed by Mokki Tattoo Supply to meet the needs of the discerning tattoo artist.

RedZ V.2 Tubes feature an ergonomic, textured, latex-free rubber grip that will not slip or slide around the tube stem while working. The soft, latex-free rubber grips effectively absorb vibrations and help prevent hand fatigue, so you can spend more time tattooing.

Each blister pack is individually sealed, and pre-sterilized with EO gas. There is an additional internal indicator of sterilization, which meets new regulations in some areas, and also provides some extra piece of mind.

These tubes are single-use only; no scrubbing or autoclaving needed.

RedZ V.2 Tubes are a high-quality, premium product – just what you have come to expect from Mokki Tattoo Supply equipment.

Grip Size 22mm / 1″
25pcs in a box

: Diamond Tip
Grip Size
: 22mm / 1"
Needle Fit
: Standard Needles on bar
Box Content
: 25 Sterile Tubes