Skin Marker Resistant Ink Multi Color

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Skin Marker Resistant Ink Multi Color
12 Pcs / bag

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XL Colors provide enhanced visibility for procedural orientation. Colors available include red, green, and purple.

All ViXL® Ink is visible up to 10x longer vs. Traditional Ink

XL Colors are specifically designed for:

Aiding in procedural orientation – perfect for “mommy make overs” where multiple procedures are being preformed
Marking patients with skin tones pigments of 5 and 6 for improved visibility – for red and green colors only
Offering an alternative to those concerned with California’s Proposition 65 – for red and green colors only

Indicated for:
Surgical site
Ideal for orthopedic and spine procedures
Plastic Surgery procedures that include extensive marking (i.e. breast lifts, tummy tucks, etc.)
For any procedure where aggressive preps like CHG may be used.

Packing : 12 pcs/bag

Bag Content
: 12 Pcs
: Purple, Red, Green