Thermal Transfer Machine A4 – TIM

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Thermal Transfer Machine A4 – TIM

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TIM creates detailed copies of templates and drawings in a few seconds.
A must for every professional tattoo studio!
The template transfer is very easy thanks to TIM and allows a quick and easy repositioning of the motif at any time.
TIM has been prepared over the last year with the help of 3D CAD and the latest software control perfectly for use in tattoo studios.
Continuous quality assurance and regular factory inspections ensure the quality of our production.

Made in Germany

The complete electronics has been renewed.
There are two LEDs which light up in green and red to indicate the different states.
The electronics used constantly check the condition of the device and reliably indicate faults, such as a blocked supply or a defect, by means of the two LEDs.
Instead of one, there are now two mutually controlling relays for the lamp circuit.
The additional temperature sensor controls the lamp and the cooling phase.

Technical details:
Type: 953H1a
Serial number included
Volt: 230 V
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Nominal current: 6AIn the Box:
Thermal copier
Operating instructions in English
mains plug
A few sheets of thermal paper
CE certificate

Paper Source
: Spirit Classic Thermal
: 50-60 Hz
: 230 V