REDZ White Vaseline

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White Vaseline/Clear Petroleum Jelly, by REDZ

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REDZ Premium Petroleum Jelly – Pure, clear soft paraffin, double refined to make it extra hydrating and smooth.

REDZ Premium Petroleum Jelly helps the skin rebuild and renew itself by encapsulating the skin’s natural moisture. It can be used on dry lips, hands, feet and all other areas of the skin. The product is particularly effective where your skin needs extra care – for example, as first-aid tattoo-aftercare, minor skin cuts, abrasions or extra dry skin. Suitable for dry and itchy skin, dryness associated with eczema or irritated skin.

Moisturizing barrier film.
Ideal all-purpose lubricant and skin protectant.
Helps heal cracked skin.
Removes make-up and dirt.
​For external use only.​

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250 ml

1000 ml – Value package

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