Viking By Dynamic – Gold Witch Hazel 120ml

 NOK 170,00 Excl. mva

Viking By Dynamic Gold Witch Hazel / 120ml

Water-alcohol based


Viking by Dynamic – Gold Witch Hazel Solution

The perfect water and alcohol based product to mix and thin-down inks, to create different washes and gradients.

This solution is as pure and as old-school as it gets, and does not contain glycerin or other additives.

To ensure the purity and the highest of standards, only water which has been filtered, distilled and UV treated, is used.

Additional Info:

  • Excellent for mixing different types of inks, colors and blacks
  • Slightly delays the drying of ink.
  • Helps to achieve better penetration of ink into the skin.
  • Vegan and Non-toxic.
  • Made By Dynamic EU
  • REACH Compliant


Hamamelis Water, Distilled and Purified Water, Isopropyl alcohol

Bottle Size
: 120ml