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When developing Ultron C we focused on three main indicators – reliability, simplicity and versatility.

Ultron C, like the AK 47, is the most easy to use tool allowing to work on any voltage and even in newbie’s hands it brings a killer effect.
This model has been sold since the beginning of 2019 and this review is based on our surveys and real feedback from hundreds of artists of different levels working in various styles.


We achieve it by combining elements of our patented system MagStab.
It includes an inertialess eccentric and semi-rotary inertialess motor that allows to soften the hit at low rpm and make the hit harder at high speeds.
An artist can do any kind of work with this machine at a very good level including fine and fat lines, dots and whipshading, soft black and grey shading , colour gradients and solid blacks.
It suits most styles perfectly. This model is one of the most common and favourite tool among our ProTeam artists.
Ultron C in the hands of a tattoo artist is like an АК-47 in the hands of a man who took a weapon for the first time in his life.
The stroke (needle motion amplitude) is 3.5 mm, the most common in the world.

We recommend the following voltage based on feedback received from artists:

Fine lines: 6-8 V
Fat lines: 7,5-9 V
Black&Grey: 4,5-7,5 V
Color realism: 6-9 V
Color packing: 4-9 V
Dotwork: 3-7 V
Whip shading: 4-7 V


Control the tattooing process precisely with Ultron C.

The machine combines:
– super light weight 2.29 oz (65 g)
– comfortable RCA connector that doesn’t pull your hand
– no vibration at all thanks to perfectly balanced mechanism
– the patented mechanism MagStab allows you to get feedback from the client’s skin (the sound and feeling in your hand changes depending on how hard you push). Guys who switched from coils really enjoy this.

All this allows to push the needle with the exact force needed for easy and atraumatic tattooing.


Since I’ve been an artist for more than 13 years, I know how it feels when a machine stops during a session. The client looks at you, you look at the machine and well you don’t feel so good ..
According to our statistics and artists’ feedback, this is the most reliable of our machines and one of the most reliable on the market.

• our engineering solutions assured that the MagStab system is highly optimized and gives minimum load on the motor
• the already reliable and sufficiently hermetic motor is reinforce
with an additional bearing, all openings in the motor are sealed.
• The system remains operational even if liquids get inside (please do not pour anything inside since it will void your warranty)
• The service life of a MagStab bar is several years; there are simply no other wearing parts in this machine; the additional bar is available for purchase and inexpensive

If you use this machine with enough care, it will serve you for many years.


We cannot give you this machine as a gift, but we can gift you extra time:
• No lubrication required.
The MagStab mechanism operates with virtually no friction due to the use of special lubrication-free materials.
• If you get a MagStick bar dirty, you simply take it out, clean it and put it back inside.
• If your grips are of different lengths, you can quickly switch between MagStick bars of two different lengths (two bars are bundled with the machine)
• You can use only a cord sleeve to wrap both your cable and the machine


Input voltage: 3-11V max. 11 V
Power connections: RCA
Rpm range: 0-10500 rpm (175 Hz)
Stroke length: 3.5 mm
Max. needle size: 49 magnum
Weight:65 g
Dimensions:62 x 52 x 26 мм

Machine Type
: Rotary
: 3-11V
: 65g