REDZ Protective Tattoo Film 15cm x 10m

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REDZ Protective Tattoo Film 15cm x 10m

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REDZ Protective Tattoo Film

A self-adhesive medical grade film to protect freshly tattooed skin and boost healing time.
Made semi-permeable for surface wounds with slight exudate (oozing), as it allows for perspiration of the tattooed skin and creates an ideal wound-healing climate.

Choose between two types of protective film:

The Clear roll is transparent and is ideal for supervising the skin’s healing process.
Ideal for those who want to keep a close eye on any changes.

The Black roll is opaque to offer 100% UV protection.
UV-rays can be harmful to new tattoos, and if your skin is sensitive or prone to eczema, sunlight can be especially harmful.
For extra protection.

  • Allow the tattooed skin to bleed for at least 10 minutes before applying the film pad for the first time.
  • Carefully clean and dry the tattooed skin and surrounding area.
  • Apply a modest amount of tattoo aftercare cream on the wounded skin.
  • Cut to desired size, leaving a 2cm margin around the tattoo
  • Apply with the plastic film facing up and the protective cover facing down.
  • Press the edges of the pad down on the skin, leaving at least an extra 2cm margin from the tattoo edge.
  • Complete the process by peeling off the arrows cover.

Change the film at least once a day after having washed the skin with warm water and mild soap. An extra important step for sensitive skin to avoid irritation.  Never use on infected wounds, as it keeps bad bacteria and exudate trapped. The product may not be used on infected wounds.

  • Always remove the film under warm running water.
  • Lift one corner and stretch it horizontally along the skin surface to avoid breaking the film.
  • Carry on by stretching the edge of the film towards the center.
  • When both edges of the film are partially removed, grab both sides at the same time and peel them gently until the entire film lifts up.
  • Dispose immediately

Sterile and disposable.
Made of polyurethane and hypoallergenic acrylic glue.
In the unlikely event of an allergic reaction, consult your physician immediately.

: 15cm x 1000cm
: 0.2mm
: Polyurethane & hypoallergenic acrylic glue