REDZ PMU Cartridge – Round Liners

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REDZ PMU Cartridge – Round Liners 20Pcs

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REDZ PMU Cartridges were designed and developed with the feedback of leading professional PMU artists, so it is finally easier than ever to alternate your needles and maintain a high and precise workflow.

REDZ PMU Cartridges adhere to the most rigid Norwegian hygiene and safety standards – each cartridge is individually sealed and sterilized by EO gas and is equipped with a low-tension, one-way silicone membrane to prevent backflow of blood, ink and other contamination elements.
Our needles are manufactured of polished 316L Japanese stainless steel to allow you achieve the most accurate and precise results, for longer periods of time.
Each cartridge is additionally equipped with a ledged, soft silicone grip for extra comfort and control and contains a colour coded backcap for easier and faster orientation.

Box Content
: 20pcs
: 0-18mm -0.35mm LTP